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Deep Creek Lake is enjoying Spring!

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Spring is in full swing at Deep Creek Lake. The flowers are blooming, the docks are going in and spring/summer activities are getting underway.

If you have a home in the Deep Creek area or are looking for one, you are probably ready to start planting flowers. While our last frost date is in May, everyone is ready for the colors and sights of summer! There is no better way to anticipate spring than a visit to Garrett County’s own Pleasant Valley Nursery. Stop by on April 24 or 25 for Customer Appreciation Days!Retail Store

Deep Creek Lake has enjoyed the flowers and plants that have come from the Pleasant Valley Greenhouse for many years. Visitors come from miles away for the wonderful selection of the finest quality plants. The Pleasant Valley Greenhouse LLC is now available for purchase and is an excellent opportunity to change careers or use your gardening and business skills to make this your new opportunity to enjoy Deep Creek, gardening and working with the wonderful people of Garrett County. PleasValSpr15-7

This is one of Garrett County’s most profitable and best known established businesses and is located on 45 acres with 11 greenhouses. Confidentiality agreement required. Call Sandy at 240 321-2524 for details.

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